4555cse ماكينة تصوير مستندات توشيبا ستوديو

الة تصوير مستندات توشيبا ستوديو الوان 4555c
كوبير – برنتر – سكنر الوان – فيدر – دوبلكس – نتوورك –  درج 2 – ستاند هدية
سعر الفنشير = 11735 جنية


Copying/Printing process Indirect electrostatic photographic method
Print & Copy Speed 45 ppm
Warm-up Time 1st drawer: A3 – A5R (60 – 256 gsm)
Paper Size & Weight 1st drawer: A3 – A5R (60 – 256 gsm)
2nd drawer: 320 x 460 mm – A5R (60 – 256 gsm) 
Optional 3rd & 4th drawer: 320 x 460 mm – A5R (60 – 256 gsm)
Optional LCF: A4 (64 – 105 gsm) 
Stack Feed Bypass :320 x 460 mm – 100 x 148 mm (52 – 280 gsm) 
Stack Feed Bypass : BANNER 305 x 1200 mm (90 – 163 gsm) 
ADU: 320 x 460 mm – A5R (60 – 256 gsm)
Paper Capacity Drawer: 2 X 550 Sheets 
Stack Feed Bypass: 100 sheets 
Optional PFP: 550 Sheets 
Optional drawer for PFP: 550 Sheets 
Optional LCF (Pedestal type): 2000 Sheets (Replenish paper on the fly)
Max Paper Capacity 3,200 sheets (80gsm, w/Optional LCF)
Paper Exit Face down / Inner exit tray
Processor Power PC Appliedmicro APM86190 1.2GH
Memory 2 GB (Shared)
ControlPanel Tilt type, 9.0″ LCD touch-screen & Key Top
Dimensions W 585 x D 644 x H 787 (mm) (Height at original glass)
Weight (Approx) 75.5 kg
Power consumption Max. 2.0kW (220 – 240V)
Operation Noise Less than 51 dB (Idle)
Less than 74.5 dB (Copying with full option)
Special Features Auto Sleep Mode, Auto Energy Saver, Weekly Timer

Copy Function

Max. Original Size A3
Resolution Scanning 10bits: 600dpi x 600dpi / 1024steps
Color Printing 5bits: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Original Scan Speed 50spm (A4 size, 100% single side copy)
Multiple Copy Qty B&W: 6.4 sec (3055C/3555C), 4.7 sec (4555C/5055C)
Colour: 8.1 sec (3055C/3555C), 6.1 sec (4555C/5055C) 
First Copy Std: 10/100/1000BaseTX, USB2.0 (High Speed) 
Opt.: Wireless LAN, IEEE802.11b/g
Zoom Original on glass: 25% to 400% (1% Increment)
RADF: 25% to 200% (1% Increment)
Copy Mode B&W: Text/Photo, Text, Photo, Image smoothing
Full Color: Text/Photo, Text, Photo, Printed Image, Map 
Twin Color: Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image
Mono Color: (applicable to 10 colors) -Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image
Auto Color Selection (ACS): Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image
Image density control Automatic/Manual (11 steps)
Job Memory 12,060 Template
Copy Feature Electronic sorting, ID Card Copying, 2in1/4in1, Interrupt, APS/AMS, Auto Job Start
Edge Erase, Trimming & Masking, Outside Erase, Omit Blank Page, User Calibration

Print Function

Resolution 5bits: 600 dpi x 600 dpi 
1bits: 600 dpi x 1200 dpi (PS)
Page Description Languages  PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL6(PCL XL), PS3, PDF, XPS
Operating Systems Windows XP/Windows Vista (32/64 bit) 
Windows 7/Windows 8 (32/64 bit) 
Windows Server 2003/2008 (32/64 bit)
Windows Server 2012 (64 bit) 
Mac OS X ver 10.2.8/10.3.9 (Mac PPD for LaserWriter) 
Max OS X 10.4.11/10.5.7/10.6.8 (OS 10.4 PPD) 
Mac OS 10.7.4, 10.8 
Unix Filter: Solaris ( SUN ), HP-UX, AIX(IBM), Linux, SCO
Interface 10/100/1000baseT, USB 2.0/Hi Speed USB
Network Protocol IPX/SPX, TCP/IP (IPv4,IPv6), EtherTalk, NetBIOS over TCP/IP
Print Feature Scheduled/Private/Hold/Proof Print, Multiple Overlay, Poster print, Tab print
Secure Pattern Printing (Hard Copy Security), Do not Print White Paper 
PostScript Overprint, Spot Color, ICC Profile, Tandem Printing

Scanning Function

Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Scan Speed PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL6(PCL XL), PS3, PDF, XPS
Scan Modes B&W, Grayscale, Colour
File Formats B&W: TIFF-Multi/Single page, PDF-Multi/Single-Page, XPS-Multi/Single Page 
Grayscale & Colour: JPEG, TIFF-Multi/Single page, PDF-Multi/Single Page 
ACS: TIFF-Single page, PDF-Mult/Single page, XPS-Multi/Single Page
Scan Agent Scan to File: USB, SMB, IPX/SPX, FTP, FTPS, NetWare over TCP/IP 
Scan to E-mail 
Scan to E-Filing
Scan to WS Scan
Scan Feature Scan Preview, META Scan, Omit Blank Page, Outside Erase, Copy & File
Job Template (Multi Agent)

Fax Option

Compatibility Super G3, G3
Data Compression Method JBIG, MMR, MR, MH
Modem speed 33.6kbps –2.4Kbps (automatic fallback)
Transmission speed Approx. 3 sec
Memory Capacity 1GB (TOSHIBA Secure HDD)
Fax Feature Fax Preview, Received Fax forward, Network Fax, Internat Fax


KA-1640PC Platen Cover
MR-3025 RADF Capacity: 100 sheets (A4,80g/㎡)
Paper Size & Weight: A3-A5R,35-157g/㎡(single sided), 
Dimension & Weight: W 575 x D 528 x H 135 mm / 12.5 Kg
KK-2550 Accessible Arm
MJ-1036 N Inner Finisher Staple: 50 sheets; Multi position (3 Kinds)
Stationary tray: 100 sheets, Finishing Tray: 500 sheets
Dimension & Weight: 482×508×232 mm / 15.3Kg 
MJ-1107 50 Sheets 
Staple Finisher 
Staple: 50 sheets; Multi position (3 Kinds); 
Stationary tray: 250 sheets, Finishing Tray: 2000 sheets, 
Dimension & Weight: W535 x D598 x H1,092 mm / 34Kg
MJ-1108 Saddle Stitch 
Finisher Name
Staple: 50 sheets; Multi position (3 Kinds); Saddle stitch
Stationary tray: 250 sheets, Finishing Tray: 3000 sheets, 
Dimension & Weight: W617 x D603 x H1,085 mm / 70Kg
MJ-6007E Hole Punch Unit To be installed with MJ-1036N
Dimension & Weight: W 126 x D 464 x H 174 mm / 3.4Kg
MJ-6104E Hole Punch Unit Function: To be installed with MJ-1107/1108
Dimension & Weight: W 112 x D 573 x H 323 mm/ 7Kg
KN-2550 Bridge Kit Required for MJ-1107/1108
MJ-5006 Job Separator Upper Tray: Approx. 150 sheets, Lower Tray: Approx. 250 sheets
Dimension & Weight:  W 426 x D 152 x H 377 mm, Approx. 1Kg
KD-1032N PFP Paper capacity: Approx 550 sheets, 
Paper size & weight: A3-A5R/60-256g/㎡
Dimensions & Weight: W 668 x D 701 x H 292 mm, Approx. 16.3Kg
 MY-1039 Drawer Module Paper capacity: Approx 550 sheets, 
Paper size & weight: A3-A5R/60-256g/㎡
Dimensions & Weight: W 532 x D 575 x H 89 mm, Approx. 3.1Kg
KD-1031A4  LCF Paper capacity: Approx 2000 sheets, 
Paper size & weight: A4/64-105g/㎡
Dimensions & Weight: 575×583×292mm, Approx. 25Kg
GD-1320ASX FAX Board
GD-1260AU-F 2nd Line for FAX Board
GN-1060 Wireless LAN Module
GN-3010 Antenna
GS-1010 Meta Scan Enabler
GS-1020 External Interface Enabler
GS-1007 Unicode Font Enabler
GP-1070 Data Overwrite Enabler
GP-1190A Hardcopy  Security Printing
GP-1080 IPSec enabler
KP-2005 Mifare card reader
KP-2004 HID card reader
MH- 2051 Desk  

سعر الحبر = 11985 ج — معدل = 33600 نسخة
سعر الدرامات = 3464 جنية – معدل = 70.000 نسخة
سعر الديفولبر = 22257 جنية – معدل = 70.000 نسخة
تكلفة طباعة الورقة: 0.48

الاسعار لا تشمل الضريبة

التوريد خلال 5 ايام من استلام امر التوريد
التوصيل مجانى – التركيب والتدريب مجانى عن طريق العربى
الضمان = عام من العربى


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